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Find e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of Stalwart Insurance Agency employees.

Aaron Gander, RHU
Click here to contact Aaron Gander, RHU Principal

Office Number (844) 220-6047 Ext. 350
Direct Number (412) 443-7356
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Gene Leis, M.S.O.L.
Click here to contact Gene Leis, M.S.O.L. Senior Benefits/HR Consultant

Office Number (844) 220-6047 Ext. 351
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Joey Estep
Click here to contact Joey Estep Director of Operations, Personal Lines

Office Number (844) 220-6047
Cell Phone Number (304) 552-3883
Fax Number 1 (888) 499-1911
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Casey Pepe
Click here to contact Casey Pepe Sr. Producer/Product Lead

Toll Free Number (844) 220-6047
Cell Phone Number (412) 760-0746
Fax Number (888) 499-1911
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Kyle Canulette
Click here to contact Kyle Canulette Insurance Agent
Pittsburgh Metro
Office Number (412) 677-2312 Ext. 418
Direct Number (985) 285-5634
Fax Number (888) 499-1911
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Cindy Gladwell
Click here to contact Cindy Gladwell Licensed Team Member

Toll Free Number (844) 220-6047 Ext. 5
Office Number (304) 302-4500
Fax Number (888) 499-1911
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Brandi Bentley
Click here to contact Brandi Bentley Licensed Team Member

Office Number (844) 220-6047
Alternate Number (304) 302-4500
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Bob Hooks
Click here to contact Bob Hooks Senior Consultant

Office Number (412) 518-0353
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Jill Simon
Click here to contact Jill Simon Senior Account Manager/Director of Marketing
Pittsburgh Metro
Office Number (412) 677-2312
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