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Our 3 Core Principles

Stalwart Insurance Agency uses three core principles to service and manage your employee benefits plans. We provide to our clients professional value-added services that are based on strategic planning, five-star service and cutting-edge technology.

Strategic Planning

We recommend that our clients make employee benefits management a strategic initiative. By defining objectives and developing an action plan based on meeting those objectives, we ensure an organized, comprehensive approach to fulfilling your benefits needs. Our careful strategic planning services include ongoing evaluation of all your plan’s characteristics, such as access, service and price, to ensure a proper balance is achieved. Strategic planning also shields your plan from becoming obsolete as new trends and market factors emerge, and can help with budgeting and long-term cost management.

Five-star Service

We pride ourselves on the level of knowledge and service we provide to our clients.

      Contact: We meet with clients regularly to ensure carriers, coverage and costs are meeting expectations.

      Education: We conduct employee meetings and provide custom communication materials for employees.

      Advocacy: We work on your behalf to bring an unbiased perspective to all situations, with no allegiance to any specific carrier or vendor.

      Personnel: We hire and maintain a professional, experienced staff and ensure that they are up to date on all the latest trends and information.

      Information: We possess the information and expertise that allow us to negotiate comprehensive, competitive benefits programs and we know where to find answers to your insurance, employee benefits and human resources questions. 


We use leading-edge technology to provide our customers with the latest data analysis, as well as legislative, communication and human resources administration tools. Using powerful Web-based applications, we provide our agency staff and our clients with unsurpassed efficiency and access to information.

We offer professional services in the following areas:

      Plan Strategy

      Data Analysis

      Pharmacy Benefits

      Plan Administration and Legislative Compliance

      Employer Education

      Human Resources

      Employee Communications

      Wellness Services

      Marketing/Marketing Action Plan

Our clients access our team of professionals and the resources they provide through a single point of contact, making working with our firm seamless and easy. Some of the general day-to-day services you can expect from your Stalwart Insurance Agency account team include the following:

      Coordination of all agency activities relating to the  employee benefits programs.

      Communication with your human resources or benefits personnel regarding benefits program issues

      Plan design consultation

      Benefit and cost analyses

      Network disruption analysis

      Review and implementation of complete cost containment procedures where applicable

      Meetings with  management or benefits personnel as requested and at agreed-upon regular intervals

      Actuarial services

      Periodic review of market trends to ensure plan compliance

      Custom employee communications

      Resources for COBRA, health care reform, ARRA, HIPAA, HIPAA Privacy, Section 125, FMLA and other compliance questions

      Resources for provider questions or issues

      Plan alternatives with renewals

      Updated benefit comparisons

      Renewal contracts reviewed for accuracy

      Act as a resource for difficult claim situations

      Monthly and quarterly newsletters provided for  management and benefits personnel

      Enrollment coordination of employees and dependents

      Ongoing compliance assistance with state and federal mandates

      Benefits personnel education on new administrative procedures

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