Are your competitors spending less on their employee medical claims?
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Contractors agree to take on duties for clients according to the rules of a contract. They may have to complete work for the employer, but they often have some leeway in how they complete their projects. Therefore, contractors often do not classify as full-time employees of a business. READ MORE >>

Many factors play a role in home ownership and liability. Homeowners need to ensure their property is safe. If someone steps foot on your property and suffers an injury, you may be responsible for this. Understanding local, state and federal liability rules is a complex process. READ MORE >>

Periodically, employers find themselves reviewing and explaining their benefits packages. Benefits can encompass multiple protective and financial incentives for workers. Employee benefits are extremely important to most employees. Next to salary, they are often the most sought-after incentives that candidates consider when accepting a job. READ MORE >>

Most companies have to provide their workers with certain employee insurance benefits. These plans might include workers’ compensation, health insurance and other supplementary income. Beyond requirements, companies often have leeway as to what benefits they can provide. READ MORE >>

Summer is upon us. Whether it's just warming up in your part of the country, or you experience hot weather all year long, it's important protect your car. Seasonal maintenance helps your loved ones and others stay safe around your vehicle. Do a seasonal check-up. READ MORE >>

In recent months several major Pharmaceutical companies have published the aggregate increase in the price of drugs they manufactured in 2016 as compared to the price of these same drugs in 2015. Two of these studies resulted in the companies calculating year-over-year increases in drug prices of 3. READ MORE >>

If you own a business, you may have to offer health insurance to your employees. However, choosing what plan to offer often varies widely from business to business. Taking care of your employees means offering a strong health insurance plan. But, you often have to make sure you balance coverage with the right cost benefits. READ MORE >>

You’ve decided that renting is your best option. Moving into a rented space comes with its own responsibilities and obligations. Remember, you will live in a space that you do not own, even though you are responsible for its upkeep. As you prepare to move into a rented space, you have many different tasks to undertake. READ MORE >>

If you are just getting married, now may be a good time to make some changes to your auto insurance policy. Those who are recently married may be able to save money by selecting a new car insurance plan together. We know you have many other things on your mind right now. READ MORE >>

What Would Selling Insurance Across State Lines Accomplish? Several of the proposed versions of draft legislation promote the idea of selling health insurance across state lines. Ostensibly, the rationale is that health insurance rates vary widely by geography due to limited competition, and th... READ MORE >>

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