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We had been utilizing the services of the same broker for years with no apparent problems, and I was very hesitant to make any changes. At the urging of my CFO, I agreed to make the change to Stalwart. Immediately they began fulfilling their promises and have made a positive impact to the benefits we offer our employees.

We were really happy when we received a 2% increase for our renewal. Then Stalwart got involved! Their aggressive actuarial-based approach to analyzing and validating our renewal saved us an additional $300,000. We were thrilled! 

We always felt like all brokers were the same, boy were we wrong! The specific insight we now have from Stalwart's medical claim  analytic tools has shown us specific areas where we have waste and inefficiencies compared to our competitors, and has led to targeted initiatives that are showing measurable improvements. 

For the last few years we had a sense that partially self funding could save our company money, but there were too many unknown risks for us to move forward with confidence. Stalwarts actuaries performed a self insured feasibility analysis that gave us the data based clarity we needed to capture these savings. 

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