Are your competitors spending less on their employee medical claims?

Health Care Data Analytics

Data AnalysisThe professionals at Stalwart Insurance have managed medical benefits programs for hundreds of employer groups in an effort to keep costs below comparable levels experienced by other employers. Our aggressive management technique includes a number of internal medical management and preventive health initiatives.

As the health care industry continues to change, our firm remains ahead of the game. With leading-edge technology, we are able to obtain meaningful information that helps us evaluate cost drivers, trends and savings opportunities associated with our clients’ benefits plans. In addition, we work to evaluate the impact of various plan management initiatives and forecast the impact of future plan changes.

What can Stalwart do for you?

  • Help determine the root causes of medical cost and utilization problems

  • Offer a sophisticated plan modeling tool to help measure the impact and effectiveness of plan design changes

  • Benchmark your claims experience against nationally recognized norms

  • Provide complex information in an easy-to-use and understand format

  • Help you formulate cost-cutting strategies to implement in your workplace

  • The Health Plan Management Report exhibits include:

    Total Health Plan Costs

  • Health Plan Cost Trend by Month

  • Total Medical Claims Cost

  • Employee versus Dependent Claims

  • Inpatient & Outpatient Claims

  • High Cost Claimants

  • Paid Claims Distribution

  • Inpatient Analysis

  • Inpatient and Outpatient Surgery Procedures

  • Emergency Room Visits

  • Office Visit Utilization

  • Inpatient Behavioral Health Utilization

  • Outpatient Behavioral Health Utilization

  • Analysis by Major Diagnostic Category

  • Lifestyle-related Claims

  • Preventive Care Utilization

  • Disease Management

  • Stalwart Insurance Agency also offers an Rx Management Report, covering topics such as paid summary, PMPM, total member cost share, retail vs. mail service, brand vs. generic utilization, high cost claimants and more.


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