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The Stalwart claims analysis process is designed to help save benefit dollars by making plan design decisions that are based on observable claims experience. You should expect that any plan design changes you make will have a desirable financial outcome.

Our goal is to clearly present plan savings projections in a realistic format, based on your company’s actual claims experience. Our Plan Design Modeling feature lets us do just that.

Once we isolate problem areas using Ad Hoc Analysis, Plan Design Modeling lets us focus on solutions. Stalwart’s modeling feature lets us experiment with plan design alternatives and see if plan changes can save you money. The advanced modeling capabilities even show how plan members would be affected by a particular plan change.


We believe that the best decisions regarding health plan design will be based on careful observations of trends, utilization patterns and normative comparisons over multiple years. We are confident that our claims data analysis services will help us produce the results necessary to meet your employee medical benefits objectives and help you strategically manage costs.

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