Are your competitors spending less on their employee medical claims?

As Easy As 1, 2, 3

3 Step Process

Step One:

Ask your broker to share their strategy for reversing the course of your spiraling healthcare spend...without changing carriers or reducing plan benefits.

Step Two:

Look over the client testimonials below and honestly assess your ability to assign the same attributes to your current broker.


“Stalwart’s experience, analytic tools, and focus on measurable results not only significantly reduced our costs, but also improved benefits.” - Mark Games, President and CEO, Northwood Health Systems

“We have worked with many brokers and consultants.  Stalwart is different. They are proactive, totally accountable, and have delivered unbelievable results.” - Chris Keller, CEO, IPEG, Inc.

“Stalwart clearly differentiates themselves when it comes to deep technical expertise, meaningful insights, and tangible cost impact.” - Mark Coy, Vice President of Human Resources, Equipment & Controls, Inc.

“With Stalwart’s deep-dive data analysis, we now have a plan to address high-cost claims areas, where before we were just hoping for the best.” - Eric Conti, Director of Human Resources, Baptist Homes Society

“There is no comparison to the proactive and insightful analysis we receive from Stalwart. Their efforts have resulted in cost savings to our firm and our employees.” - Steve Smith, CEO, Plus Consulting

“Stalwart leveraged the latest diagnostic technology with their extensive experience to provide actionable insight we’ve never seen from other brokers.” - Grant Serdy, Executive Vice President, Allegheny Millworks


Step Three:

Contact Stalwart Insurance for a free analysis of the hidden opportunities to improve the cost and content of your healthcare plan.



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