Are your competitors spending less on their employee medical claims?
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Establishing an employee benefits package is a necessary part of many businesses' plans. However, a good number of employers wonder how they can support these critical mechanisms. Simply offering a benefits package is only one part of the job. Once you have one in place, you have to maintain it. READ MORE >>

When someone looks for a job, one thing they often investigate is a company's benefits offerings. Namely, they look to see if the business offers health insurance. If your employees can receive benefits, they can often apply those benefits to their own wellness needs. READ MORE >>

Whether you run an ice cream parlor or a furniture plant, your business poses risks to your workers. One of your servers could slip, fall and break a leg on a wet floor caused by a leaking ice cream cooler. A plant worker could cut themselves on a wood saw. These injuries might require surgery, rehabilitation and months of recovery. READ MORE >>

The hiring and retention process is often complicated. Whenever you bring someone new aboard, you want them to feel at home in your company. Your business likely also has lawful obligations towards new employees. New employees might need help understanding pay structure, or benefits packages. READ MORE >>

Many people think they only need to go to the doctor when they get sick. However, most physicians also want to see you when you feel good as well. They often encourage you to have an annual physical exam. You shouldn’t forego this exam, even if you believe you’re very healthy. READ MORE >>

Many American workers rely on their benefits as valuable protective services. Health and life insurance, workers compensation and investment plans can all help workers protect their assets. Nonetheless, each worker is different. They may be full-time employees, part-time workers or contractors. READ MORE >>

Contractors agree to take on duties for clients according to the rules of a contract. They may have to complete work for the employer, but they often have some leeway in how they complete their projects. Therefore, contractors often do not classify as full-time employees of a business. READ MORE >>

Many factors play a role in home ownership and liability. Homeowners need to ensure their property is safe. If someone steps foot on your property and suffers an injury, you may be responsible for this. Understanding local, state and federal liability rules is a complex process. READ MORE >>

Periodically, employers find themselves reviewing and explaining their benefits packages. Benefits can encompass multiple protective and financial incentives for workers. Employee benefits are extremely important to most employees. Next to salary, they are often the most sought-after incentives that candidates consider when accepting a job. READ MORE >>

Most companies have to provide their workers with certain employee insurance benefits. These plans might include workers compensation, health insurance and other supplementary income. Beyond requirements, companies often have leeway as to what benefits they can provide. READ MORE >>

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